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Buzzvillian Experience Map’s Self-development Program


Hakhaemubyeon (學海無邊)

This is a four-character idiom that means “there is no end to learning.” It may feel quite appropriate for people in the fast-changing modern world. With the belief that the company’s competitiveness can be enhanced by strengthening the capabilities of each of its employees, Buzzvil has established various welfare programs to help Buzzvilians grow. One of them is a program where Buzzvil covers expenses for self-development each month. The company encourages Buzzvillians to challenge themselves by learning, working out and more. We talked with Zuri from the Business Development Team, who is making the most out of the self-development expenses. 


Please briefly introduce yourself.


Hello. My name is Zuri, and I’m a strategic manager in the Business Development (BD) team. I manage mobile apps that are integrated with  Buzzvil’s SDK, monitor user data and daily ad revenue, and communicate with our publishers. My main job is to provide marketing promotions so users engage with our publisher’s app. This involves frequent interaction with other teams at Buzzvil.  


Internally, I also work on setting up strategies to improve work processes for BD managers. Before working for Buzzvil, I was in charge of business partnership at Job Planet, the Korean version of Glassdoor. While I was there, I developed an interest in mobile advertising and I learned that Buzzvil’s rating by employees was really high. So I applied and I’m glad that I did.


You are known for being productive even in your free time. Tell me about how you spend Buzzvil’s self-development program. 


Buzzvil supports self-development expenses that allows me to learn new things. After joining Buzzvil last year, the first time I spent my self-development expenses was on a one-day flower class. I wanted to make a gift box for my parents for Parent’s Day in Korea. It was my first time arranging flowers so it looked a bit clumsy, but it made my mom and dad happy. I was proud of myself for making a thoughtful gift for my parents. They are the most important people in my life. I don’t take up hobbies where I have to use my hands so this was very exciting for me. After my first try, I learned the subject in depth for the following six months. 


Were there other times when you created something and was very proud of it?  


Yeah. During my time when I was taking flower classes, I was happy to give people various flower arrangements like bouquets. One time, I made a flower wreath for a friend at her housewarming party. She had just got married. She loved it! And my other friend who was there asked me to make her a bouquet of flowers for her wedding. So I am practising. I don’t want to let her down. 

 Also, I go to a library near my place almost every weekend. There, I read books and record it for the visually impaired. These days, all of us spend a lot of our time at home because of the Corona situation. So I am planning to buy books to read out loud for recording. It takes about a month to record a whole book. It takes time, but it was the most satisfying thing I did this year. 

These activities are meaningful to me because I get to embark on new hobbies and on top of that, I can share my creations with friends and help others to enjoy the content of a book. My devotion to help the visually impaired will continue so I will buy more books. It really brings me much joy!    


Other than what you mentioned, what are your new plans? 


I do love what I do right now, but in the near future I want to learn painting or pottery, which could be a new stimulus to me even if I don’t get to do it so often. I want to use this self-development program to find new opportunities and hobbies that I can enjoy for the long run. I want at least three hobbies that I can enjoy for the rest of my life.

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