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Buzzvillian Experience Map’s All-hands Meeting



The Buzzvillian Experience Map is a program that introduces Buzzvil’s unique and fun policies in detail. If you are curious about how the Buzzvillians grow through different experiences, please pay attention to the Buzzvillian Experience Map. Buzzvil will continue to explore through various experiments to not only boost employee engagement but also achieve employee growth.



Please introduce yourself briefly.


Hello, my name is Sang-Hyo Lee and I work as a product designer at Buzzvil. People call me “Hyo” here.


What is the bi-weekly all-hands meeting like?


Before the meeting



On the day when the all-hands meeting is held, a notice will let us know 10 minutes before the meeting. The EX team also notifies us through the Slack messenger just before the meeting. When it’s time to start, we click on the shared link just as shown in the screenshot to attend the meeting. These days, due to the Covid 19, we have a conference call. Before the coronavirus outbreak, all Buzzvilians used to gather together to have a meeting. I really enjoyed meeting everyone in person. But it is such a shame that we can’t do that for now. 


Meeting progress



The meeting will be held largely in the timeline as shown in the picture. Depending on the situation, some sessions may be added and omitted, but it’s usually going on like this (for example, if there are no new comers, they don’t go through the fifth session shown above. 
When the meeting starts, James, EX(Employee eXperience) team leader, hosts the meeting. After a simple greeting by chatting with each other, the first Q&A session is held with the principle of “We answer to all Buzzvilians’ questions.” This is a place of sharing opinions of Buzzvilians delivered anonymously or through surveys, and also the opinions or new policies of the company and the EX team. As there are so many different opinions coming up, there are a lot of chances to see the perspectives that I couldn’t think of on my own. It’s a session where everyone finds it meaningful, and I think there is a positive aspect of the Buzzvil culture that encourages us to communicate freely and transparently.


CEO Talk and Team Presentation deal with more practical stories. There are two CEOs at Buzzvil. John mainly talks about business, while Young about the company’sl products. Usually, if you focus on one job, it is easy to miss the businesses in other fields. It is a valuable time to listen to the presentations every time and draw a big picture of the company’s direction. Team Presentation is literally a session of introducing what each team does in turns. Because it intensively introduces a specific team, it is a session to help us understand which team does what more substantially and how you can ask which team for help.


Next is the self-introduction time, the best session of the all-hands meeting. All Buzzvilians introduce themselves a few months after joining the company. It is a place where you can freely inform everyone of who you are without any set form. It seems that there are many positive aspects, such as being able to hear interesting stories with various backgrounds and to get to know each other better. (The real-time chat window is also the most active session.)


Finally, the meeting is concluded with a brief session of introducing new employees. They introduce themselves with a simple greeting. It is a nice time to get a chance to greet new Buzzvilians in all job groups even though they are not in the same team.


What does the all-hands meeting mean to Buzzvilians?



You can see what other Buzzvilians are thinking about.


The topics of the Q&A session cover everything from minor issues such as office snacks to questions about the overall direction of the company. I believe that it is important to have a good company atmosphere that allows you to freely talk about and share ideas and the Q&A session provides a window where you can hear what everyone really thinks. In addition, I think the self-introduction session helps individual Buzzvilians know how they have lived or with which idea they live. So we can get a chance to become friends with each other.


It’s good to draw a big picture for our company together.


When you work at the company, you are often up to your neck in work. (At least for me, it is true.) I think it’s natural but it seems important for both each of us and our company to get an opportunity to regularly recall and think about what the big issues are other than what I am currently working on, and what is the direction the company wants to go as a whole.


You can see which kinds of teams we have and what they’re doing.


Buzzvil has a lot of teams. Some teams are newly created according to the direction the company wants to go and they sometimes disappear when they achieve their objectives. So it may be difficult to know all the teams unless you belong to them or are not directly related to the job. Team Presentation is a session that introduces the basics such as what different teams are called and what they do. So I’m always getting help in understanding how differently the teams work. I think it’s a very useful session for most of Buzzvilians.


Please let me know if you have any of the most memorable episodes from the all-hands meeting so far.



I may be the only one who remembers it, but... The all-hands meeting on the first day when I joined the company is the most memorable. I was impressed by this session-by-session process which was the first experience in my life but there are some more personal reasons. Max, the leader of the Design Team is a foreigner. So I prepared my resume and interview in English. When I introduced myself on the first day, I asked if I could speak in Korean. After knowing that the team uses the Korean language freely, whenever I think of my first day of work, it makes me embarrassed.


Finally, I would like to be thankful to the EX Team for always helping me host the all-hands meeting successfully.

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