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Buzzvillian Experience Map’s Company Dinner



The Buzzvillian Experience Map is a program that gives a detailed introduction to Buzzvil’s unique and fun policies. If you are curious about how Buzzvillians grow through different experiences, please pay attention to the Buzzvillian Experience Map series. Buzzvil will continue to explore different experiments, not only boost employee engagement but to achieve employee growth as well.


Please introduce yourself briefly.


Hello. My name is Seo Seung Hwan. Buzzvillians call me by my nickname Stephan! I’m the part leader of global business development and operations at Buzzvil. At the same time, I work as a social diplomat in the company as a side job. I sometimes take on the role of host for various in-house events, and I also serve as the chair of several study groups and clubs. And of course, I also participate in the monthly company dinner.



Buzzvil is known for its exciting company dinners. Tell us more about it. 


You may think of a company dinner as “everyone sitting together to eat,” but Buzzvil’s company dinner is quite unique. Personally, what surprised me is that 1) the company dinner is held every month, 2) it is held in different forms every month, and 3) the Buzzvillians always look forward to the occasion. (Of course, whether or not to attend is completely optional.) I think the reason that this is possible is because of the efforts put in by the Fun Club and EX (Employee eXperience) team. Fun Club is a voluntary group of Buzzvillians who plans the company events with the EX team. 

There are two types of company dinner: group dinners, and company-wide events. In the former case, a small number of people, usually 5 to 8, get together. This is a time to get closer to coworkers with whom you have little contact. Groups are formed of people from different floors or teams, and they enjoy a variety of activities, such as watching movies, enjoying sports, and eating good food. Groups are also formed based on various concepts. One of the heads of each group were those who worked at the company the longest. We have many concepts for these group dinners and it keeps everyone interested.  


The company-wide dinners, where every Buzzvillian gathers together, usually take the form of a party. A typical choice is a wine party, where all kinds of food and wine are laid out on one floor of the company. The sight of ceaseless conversation and laughter, with a passion reminiscent of the industry’s networking parties, is truly spectacular. It’s like all the stress in daily life just vanishes. Each October, we have a Halloween party where everyone wears costumes and gathers on the rooftop of the company, and at the end of the year, we have a year-end party where we eat together and applaud one another for all our hard work. In the fall, we have Buzzvil Sports Day. In my opinion, this may be the best occasion where one can truly experience Buzzvil as a company of true grit! Buzzvillians are so eager to win. After a good workout that day, everyone is full of adrenalin so the company dinner is also an exciting event. 

As you can see, the company dinner at Buzzvil means more than just everyone gathering together to eat. The fun of these various concepts enhances their experience, and it’s a good time to get to know one another. It really makes the company life more enjoyable and powerful.



If you have a memorable company dinner, please tell us about it.


I can remember every company dinner I’ve participated in since joining the company. They were all that impressive. But if I have to pick one, it would be the group dinner held in August 2019. My group had a barbecue party on the rooftop of the company. The cool breeze of the late summer evening, the rooftop with its fantastic view of Lotte Tower in Jamsil, and the amazing barbecue and peach for dessert… I remember everything being perfect. The second round at a nearby bar was a great forum for discussion. At the time, Buzzvil’s new ad product was generating huge sales. Based on that, several teammates and I had a deep, enthusiastic discussion about our plans for the second half of 2019. That discussion, as heated as the hot summer weather, was impressive and memorable.



It’s difficult to have a company-wide dinner because of the COVID-19 pandemic. What is the company doing instead?


Since February of this year, when COVID-19 began to spread, we have hardly had a company dinner, but our 8th-anniversary online event during the telecommuting period was memorable. We celebrated the anniversary of the company’s founding by playing a quiz game about Buzzvil using Google Hangouts. At the time, the government’s social distancing level for COVID-19 had been lowered, so small groups of 3-4 people were organized and we held two ‘small company lunch’ events, using our lunch breaks to eat together. It felt a bit disappointing, but it was a situation where communication with others was cut off for a while due to COVID-19, so I was still grateful. Thanks to the small company lunches, we were still able to communicate with other teams and experience the fun of a company dinner.


If you have any suggestions for the company dinner, please tell us.


The COVID-19 pandemic is a huge limiting factor when it comes to company dinners. In this situation, it is not easy to achieve our three goals of ‘safety’, ‘fun’, and ‘communication’ at the same time. In addition to small-scale company dinners offline, how about promoting large-scale dinners online? When our general meeting was moved to Hangouts, we were able to still have fun. It certainly seems like an online company dinner would bring some unexpected fun. Of course, this depends on how well contents and gifts are prepared, but I have no doubt that FunClub and eX team will do a very good job.^^

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