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Jetty Cho, Product Designer



1. Please give us a quick introduction of yourself.


Hello, I am Jetty. Jetty from South Korea’s popular chocolate milk. It is a cute name, but nobody ever uses it so I thought I would take it. I am currently working as a product designer here at Buzzvil.


What brings you to Buzzvil?


Since college, I have been a member of a startup club. I have ample experience in creating service targeting various markets around the world such as Korea, Taiwan, the U.S., and India. We have made some success large and small, and we also made a few failures. Having gone through this dynamic startup life in my 20s, I now have settled at Buzzvil. Working for the company that is 10 times bigger than the previous one, as a member and a designer, I am personally learning a great deal here. I still feel like I am venturing into this adventurous startup life.


What is your role at Buzzvil?


I am a product designer. I design each and every experience that will be delivered to the hands of the users, all of which coming from Buzzvil and its affiliates. And of course I am not doing this all alone; I have five other colleague designers in Korea and Taiwan. I’m glad we are a team.


During my first year at Buzzvil, I had been in charge of “mobile” projects; I recently moved to another team and took on a new challenge. It is the “admin” product of Buzzvil tentatively titled Dash! In plain words, it is an administrative webpage; it might appear to be a dull projective to the designers. However, in reality, Dash is like the engine that allows Buzzvil to move forward. It is absolutely essential to the operation of Buzzvil. It is a highly complicated product that to design it requires cooperation from nearly every team at Buzzvil and comprehensive knowledge in adtech. Not only do I have to design a well-functioning UI, but I also have to put a lot of thought into coming up with the kind of product that is beneficial to the company at large. Just as hard as my job is, I am learning a great deal here.


The fact that I can be a problem solver is the most fulfilling aspect of working for the Dash project. Another thing I find enjoyable is figuring out the task and the trouble that other teams are going through and solving the problems one by one. It is a kind of achievement that gives me a huge meaning as a designer.


How does it feel to work at a startup? or the advertising industry?


This year marks the ninth year that I have been working for startup companies. Working at a startup is attractive to me since I get rewarded in proportion to what I contribute to the company. As a designer, I can solely focus on product development, therefore it is an ideal environment to build one’s career. I have learned Figma, design system, and prototyping for the past year.


Another advantage is that I can try out anything. The staff members and the company, itself are relatively speaking, flexible thinkers so with my own initiative, I can act on my own ideas. It could be something about the product or it could be relevant to the overall life at the company. Ever since I was working for another small startup, I had been celebrating Halloween like a regular holiday; last year I also organized a small Halloween party at Buzzvil. We got to enjoy the eerie October night view against the backdrop of Lake Seokchon alongside Lotte Tower which was so much fun.


As far as the ad-industry goes, advertisements became an essential part of our life that it may not be as conspicuous as before. On the mobile platform and in our daily life, ads are always there. As ubiquitous as the industry is, it is the most receptive field to changes. Working as a designer in the ad-industry is like learning to tread between two different lines of work: having a broad but shallow spectrum of knowledge and a keen insight into the market. If you are fixated on one thing, you might miss out on other things that have changed over time. Our designer team always contemplate on the ways that can reflect up-and-coming methodologies and trends into the products of Buzzvil. I guess what I mean is that you cannot be just good at one thing. To a large extent, I think this is true.


Is there something that you can say “this is the best part of being a Buzzvillian”?


Buzzvil is a cultivated startup company with its sophisticated culture. It is by no means an underdog compared to other major firms; however, I noticed that a great deal of consideration went into the development of the operation and the culture at Buzzvil. I can tell that this company was made by a concerted effort of many. And in turn, this makes me feel proud of my company and makes me look forward to the future endeavor we will make together.


Do you have a personal goal or dream? If so, how does your experience at Buzzvil help you?


There are many things I am fond of and I have many dreams. When I get an idea, I become a happy person imagining what I could do with the idea. At Buzzvil, you do not hesitate acting on your ideas and to take on more challenges. However, instead of nosediving into everything, you better set up some proper goals and targets beforehand. That is something every Buzzvilians are working on as they carefully write down OKR every quarter. Knowing how to build excellent plans, and the ability to execute them will guide me to my goals instead of just sitting on my ideas.

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