Our Core Values

  • Autonomy

    "Buzzvil is the company with the highest degree of autonomy. I think this autonomy is the power that has kept us going. Also, even though they are very autonomous, the atmosphere of working hard seems to naturally form even if no one asks them to do so. I feel this is unique and proud and there's always a lot to learn from."

    Sales Manager
  • Communication

    "I'm interested in the way designers and developers work closely together. To do that, I ask many questions to others. But everyone is willing to accept it. They don't consider it annoying. It's a great environment for me to explore new areas."

    DevOps Engineer
  • Grit

    “I clearly think that the seeds I sow now come back as fruit to me later. It takes 3 months for short and several years for long to complete one partnership. Even if they refuse right now, after a while, the company's situation and strategy change, and sometimes they come back to Buzzvil. The results are not immediately visible, so we may be stuck and impatient, but we must keep pushing.”

    Global Business Development Manager
  • Growth

    “A study at Buzzvil is encouraged and recommended by many members, including CEOs. They recognize that the empowerment of their employees is the empowerment of their company, and we are preparing a policy support plan for this.”

    Android Engineer

This is how we work.

  • First things first

    We focus on the core
    according to our priorities.

    Take the initiative

    We work on the initiative.
  • Growth never stops

    We are constantly growing and learning.

    Learn from feedback

    We learn from feedback.
  • Just get it done

    We go to the end of
    what we are determined to do.

    Be Bold

    We take risks and work boldly.
  • Communication

    We actively communicate.

    Trust and respect others

    We trust each other.
  • Break the box

    We break the old framework.

    Work efficiently

    We work efficiently.

    Numbers never lie

    Our decisions are based on data.
Self Leader Fast Learner Action Taker Team Player Problem Solver

Enjoy your
work with
Buzzvil's perks

  • Annual overseas offsites

  • Autonomous
    annual leave
    Flexible working hours

  • Equipped with sleeping room
    and game room

  • Support for study, club, and unlimited book purchases

  • Support 100,000 won a month for self-improvement

  • Support long-term paid vacation for every three years

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How we hire

Business Job Positions
  • CV Screening

  • Presentation of pre-task
    and interview with
    team leader

  • Final CEO interview

  • Reference check
    and offer letter

Engineers Job Position
  • CV Screening

  • Online and video
    coding test
    (2 times in total)

  • On-site coding test
    and interview with
    team leader

  • Final CEO interview

  • Reference check
    and offer letter

Frequently Asked Questions

  • [Process] Can I apply for multiple job openings at the same time? Or, re-apply?

    Yes, both are allowed. Applying again is allowed after a year of the previous one. In this case, we focus on how much an applicant has grown over time.

    If an applicant applies for multiple departments, we check which department is more suitable to the person. The applicant will be contacted for a better-suited position. Even when an applicant applies for a specific position, we may offer a better-suited open position.

  • [Process] Can I apply for the position which is not related to my major?

    Yes, you can. Of course, the graduate of an adequate academic major is preferred. However, it is not necessary. The diploma is considered important, but what is more significant is how much interest a person has in the task, endless passion to learn, and actual capabilities for the task. If you think you can really do this task well, you can apply for the position all the time.

  • [Process] Do the years of experience play a major part in the results?

    No, it doesn't. There can be minimum or maximum work experience qualifications for some positions, but these experiences are reviewed flexibly if you are qualified for the position. If there is no required work experience limit in the job post, you may consider that we are seeking a person who is suitable for the task regardless of the year of work experience.

  • [Process] Which specifications do you consider important during the CV review?

    While reviewing your CV, we see how relevant your credentials are to the job position, such as diploma, work experience, extracurricular activity, and cover letter.

  • [Process] Is the cover letter mandatory?

    No, it isn’t. However, it is preferred for you to send a cover letter. Those applying for entry-level positions may not have specific work experience, diploma or activity related to the task included in the résumé. In such cases, it would be helpful for you to appeal to us with the cover letter.

  • [Process] Do you have any plans for recruiting interns?

    When we do, we will let you know on our website.

  • [Process] Do you send an email to the unsuccessful candidates?

    Yes, we do. For each phase of the recruitment process, we reach out to notify the candidates whether they passed or not within ten business days. If the notification is delayed, we let them know.

  • [Process] When will I get feedback after I have registered to the Talent Pool?

    Once the application is registered, the HR manager will check it and provide the primary feedback. And when the recruitment process has started for the position, the registering person will be contacted promptly.

  • [Process] How can I submit my portfolio?

    The website may not allow large-sized files. If you have additional files to show us, please include a link for share drive, Github or blog in your application.

  • [Application Process] I want to learn more about the recruitment process.

    It may differ depending on what position you are applying for, but the process is generally like the following;

    • CV and cover letter screening
    • The first Interview is attended by team leaders to see if the candidate fits the job. Here, candidates will have a presentation of the assignment given to them before the interview
    • The second Interview is attended by Buzzvil’s CEOs and they will see how well the candidate will fit in with the company’s culture
    • Reference check (Only for candidates with work experience)
    • Offer letter delivery and employment, if successful

    For developers, the assignment is replaced with one online test, one test carried out via Google’s Hangout, two coding tests, and one on-site coding test during the first interview.

    In addition, there can be telephone interview before the first interview, or the third interview in accordance with the positions and circumstances.

  • [Application Process] How are the interviews conducted, and how long do they take?

    It takes approximately an hour for the non-developer positions. The first interview, conducted by the team leader and members, is carried out to talk about the candidate’s previous work experiences or related activities. The candidate will have about ten minutes to talk about his or her assignment, followed by a Q&A session.

    In the case of developer positions, the first interview is conducted for one and a half hours. The on-site coding test takes thirty minutes, and the technique interview takes an hour. The interview is primarily about the questions regarding the on-site coding test, work and academic experiences, and task capabilities.

    The second interview is conducted by the two co-representatives. The interview is mainly about reviewing the task-related experiences and seeing how well one will fit in the company culture. Some companies tend to have the interview with the CEOs just as a formality, but for Buzzvil, it is not the case. We try our best to verify whether the candidate is adequate to be a Buzzvilian or not at every single phase.

  • [Application Process] When do you give the assignment, and how do I present it?

    In most cases, the task is given 24 hours before the first interview. For some positions, the task is given three to five days before the interview. The candidate will have a ten-minute presentation on the assignment, followed by a Q&A. In the case of developer positions, the coding tests are mainly conducted. The interviews are conducted to see if the candidates are a good fit for the job and the company’s culture.

  • [Application Process] Do I need to submit the assignment before the interview?

    The example task is required to be submitted in advance. Every example task is supposed to be sent via email an hour before the interview. The submitted file is shared with the interviewers prior to the interview to prepare for the interview. Since the file is projected on the screen during the interview, you do not need to bring the personal USB or PC to the interview.

  • [Application Process] Which technical stacks are Buzzvil using?

    Engineering team uses the stacks below.

    • #Python #Django #Golang #Kotlin #Swift #Objective-C #AWS #Kubernetes #MSA #DDD #Vue #React #MySQL #Terraform
    • You can check specific information further through this following link https://stackshare.io/buzzvil/buzzvil
  • [Application Process] What is the working style of Buzzvil's Engineering team?


    ● We pursue the micro service architecture, and the Kubernetes-based system has been established in order to promote every team member to make services easily.

    ● Rather than executing the given instructions without flexibility, we try to actively suggest opinions in all the processes of proposal, design, and development in order to have a better direction of the projects after fully understanding the background.


    ● Every code is reviewed by at least one colleague. The review is conducted by the pull request of Github. There is no special qualification to take a review, and the employee who is not related to the project can always suggest his or her opinion on the pull request. The team leader’s codes are often reviewed by the newly hired developer.

    ● The task is managed with the JIRA and each team autonomously defines their task process.

    ● We consider the development productivity more important than the cost. Once the developers can be focused on the creative and productive tasks with more cost invested, we are ready to pay the expense. For example, anyone can install and use things they want at AWS without worrying about the cost.

    ● We try our best to make the codes that are easily read, tested and flexible, and we do not optimize before taking sincere consideration.

    ● We take short cuts for the distribution period of programs. Sometimes, we distribute several times a day.

    ● We are open to the new technology, and anyone can suggest their opinion. The use of Docker, Jenkins, Elasticsearch, and Vue.js was originated from somebody’s suggestions, and all of them have been successful.

    ● We seek the three rules following. “Keep it the simplest.” “Do not reinvent the wheel.” “If possible, use the proven, stable technology.”


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