Run the smartest rewarded ad campaigns to tens of millions that bring growth your business

Get the best results with our rewarded ads

Maximize your marketing performance with our data-driven targeting and relevant ad inventories
that follows your customer’s mobile journey. Our machine learning technology also enables high conversion
by displaying rewarded ads at the right moment to users who generate real value to your brand.

  • 30million+ Premium Users

  • 10million+ Monthly Active Users

  • 5.8million Daily Active Users

  • 330million Daily Impression

  • 3.3times ROAS compared to non-rewardable ads

  • 10times CTR compared to non-rewardable ads

  • 70% Advertiser Retention Rate

  • 4th place Domestic advertiser holding Rank

  • Buzzvil's conversion rate hit the highest among other advertising media. Our company executives had insisted that we should allocate more of our marketing budget to Facebook. But if we look at the return over advertising spendings, Buzzvil's reward ads have helped us gain more result with minimum marketing costs.

    CMO at S. Korea's largest commerce company
  • The marketing team's satisfaction with Buzzvil’s marketing performance was quite high. We were really impressed and we want to continue to work with them.

    Marketing manager at a department store
  • I am amazed at how Buzzvil allows us to reach our marketing KPIs even though we keep heightening them. This is possible thanks to their continuous efforts to reach our demands based on transparent communication and data reports.

    Performance marketer at game company
  • "After hearing about the success stories of Buzzvil, I chose the adtech company, and was able to achieve my marketing goals. The company also does a fabulous job of keeping the ad efficiency constant even when we want to keep the ad campaigns running longer than our expected duration.

    Digital marketer at a game company
  • "It was recommended to me and I gave it a go because everyone was telling me about its high conversion rates. Also, I was told it was a good advertising media for branding. We ran video ads and the results were better than other media.

    Digital marketer at a game company

More 13,000 marketers
have seen high returns
with our dynamic
rewarded ad

  • 하이마트
  • CJ제일제당
  • KB금융그룹

Get traffic from users that
will bring value to your brand’s growth

Engage with valuable users through our unique ad inventory that hits a viewability rate of up to 95%.
Our publishers includes top mobile carriers, e-commerce, membership and financial services around the globe.
Also, get access to a fraud-free transparent data reporting backed by our patented deep learning
and machine learning technology that gets smarter by the minute.

Engage with your
on native ads

Get your consumers to like, follow or subscribe
on your SNS channels, including Facebook, Instagram
and YouTube. Because consumers were given a choice
among various rewarded ads, they will engage with you
based on their interest.

* This ad product is available only in Korean market.

Capture the first
with video ads
on the lockscreen

On average, users see the lockscreen more than
60 times a day. Increase ad efficiency by exposing personalized
video ads in our lockscreen inventory.

Consumers will be encouraged to take action through
the landing page placed below your eye-catching video.

Achieve high CTR with
the most natural native ad

Achieve the industry-leading CTR by exposing
CPM ads here. The rewarded ads blend perfectly with
our publisher’s app providing a less intrusive ad experience.

Get high conversion offers
with offerwall

Increase the number of subscribers, likes, and followers
on your social media channels and eventually, create a sales
leads through this offerwall.

Customers can engage in various offers in exchange
for in-app rewards based on their interest so bounce rate is low.

* Only available in Korea.

Increase brand awareness
with immersive full-screen

The lockscreen inventory is an area where customers see
60 times per day because it is at the front of all mobile experience.
Capture all first impressions with the full-screen video ads.

Increase your brand awareness effectively
by exposing video ads to an ad inventory with
the highest viewability rate.

Create tailored campaigns
to achieve your unique
marketing KPIs

Meet your specific marketing goals such as sales, survey,
membership signup, app installation and DB collection.

It is the best way to engage with your customers because
they can choose from various offers based on their interest.

* This service is only available in Korea.

* Click our publisher’s logo to see our various ad products on different ad inventories

Grab user’s interest with rewarded ads

Reach out to new customers through personalized rewarded ads with the help of our advanced machine learning technology that understands customer behavior. You can successfully engage with users and maximize your marketing performance by dynamically showing reward ads to users who are likely to respond to your message.

Optimize your marketing spending through our accurate targeting

Our Data Management Platform(DMP) collects data and effectively analyzes user behavioral patterns to target customers that are most likely to respond to your ads. You can choose from more than 40 flexible targeting options and maximize your marketing performance. 78% of the marketers who work with us have said Buzzvil enables them to get the highest results at the most reasonable price.

Retarget the right customers to maximize conversion rate

Our data-driven predictions finds customers who had visited your website or app, but left without a purchase, and reaches them at the perfect moment. Reach the right consumers through various creative formats that serves the best rewarded ads for every stage of your customer’s mobile journey.

Our technologies that help your brand grow

  • Dynamic Rewards

    Experience the best way to
    accelerate the customer journey.

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  • Ad Fraud Prevention

    Experience the reliable advertising
    platform backed by advanced technologies
    such as machine learning.

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  • Ad Inventory

    Provide optimal customer journey
    with our unique and relevant inventory.

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  • Targeting

    Optimize your marketing costs
    with our flexible targeting solution.

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  • Retargeting

    Maximize the conversion rate
    with our retargeting technology.

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