Create the optimal customer journey with Buzzvil’s unique inventory and the dynamic rewarded ads

Don't miss out on this hidden revenue stream.

Our SDK is easy to integrate with your app so you can be onboard hassle free Also, our ML-based targeting technologies
find the right users with personalized rewarded ads so you can maximize your mobile ad revenue.

  • 300million Average Daily Impressions

  • 30million+ Global Users

  • 10million+ Monthly Active Users

  • 100+ Premium Publisher

More than 100 global premium publishers
are enjoying top eCPMs

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  • SK planet
    • OK Cashbag
      (AOS, iOS)

    • T Membership

    • Syrup Wallet

    • OK Cashbag
      O! Lock

  • KT
    • CLiP
      (AOS, iOS)

    • CLiP

  • LG U+
    • Uplus Members

    • Uplus

  • 하나카드
    • Hana Members

    • BuzzScreen
      with Hana Money

  • 현대백화점
    • H.Point

    • H.Lock

  • CJ 올리브네트웍스
    • CJ ONE
      (AOS, iOS)

    • CJ ONE

  • 티머니
    • Mobile Tmoney

    • Tmoney

  • 해피포인트
    • Happy Point

    • Happy Screen

    • L.Point
      (AOS, iOS)

    • Moa Lock

  • 카카오페이지
    • Kakao Page
      (AOS, iOS)

Provide the best mobile experience to encourage users to engage with the rewarded ads

Buzzvil analyzes behavioral data from more than 100 affiliate apps and offers optimal revenue models perfect for your business category. It is also the world's first dynamic reward service to offer rewards based on user behavior, with more than 90% of users visiting and using apps longer to participate in reward advertising.

Keep your audience
locked in to your app

Our rewarded ads has enabled the number of average visitor to our publishers’ app to increase by 20 percent. Our data management platform also discovered that 70 percent of the users who experienced rewarded ads for the first time came back for more.

Engage with users and
keep them coming back

Buzzvil has the largest number of direct sales advertisers among local mobile media companies and has joined with more than 100 highest paying demand sources and direct ad sales around the world. With our advanced targeting solutions, we show personalized ads to the right customers, encouraging active participation.

Drive revenue for your brand
with our unique ad inventories

  • Inside the app
  • Outside the app

Native / Offerwall /
Interstitial type (AOS, iOS)

Buzzvil offers the best ad formats right for your mobile app

Lockscreen / POP type

Utilize the lockscreen and homescreen surfaces
that users see most frequently
  • Integrating optimized SDK
    and starting monetization
    takes up to three weeks
  • Buzzvil’s professional
    technical support team
    will be with you through
    the whole process of
    SDK integration
  • Our DMP does an
    excellent job in analyzing
    your customer’s life
    time value (LTV) so you can
    maximize ad revenue
  • Enjoy our enhanced
    administration page to
    you can monitor
    what’s going on Add
    apps, add inventory,
    set up additional ads

Our technologies
that help your brand grow

  • Dynamic Rewards

    Experience the best way to
    accelerate the customer journey.

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  • Ad Fraud Prevention

    Experience the reliable advertising
    platform backed by advanced technologies
    such as machine learning.

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  • Ad Inventory

    Provide optimal customer journey
    with our unique and relevant inventory.

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  • Targeting

    Optimize your marketing costs
    with our flexible targeting solution.

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  • Retargeting

    Maximize the conversion rate
    with our retargeting technology.

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