Refusal of Unauthorized E-mail Collection

Our website turn down unauthorized collection of posted e-mail addresses using an e-mail collection program or other technical devices.
Violation may result in punishment under the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.

Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network

50-2. Prohibition of Unauthorized Collection of Email Addresses

    • No one may collect any email address from this website using software that automatically harvests email addresses or other technical devices without prior consent of the operator or administrator of this website.
    • No one may sell and/or distribute email addresses collected in violation of Clause 50-2.1.
    • No one may not use any email address prohibited to collect, sell and/or distribute according to Clauses 50-2.1 and 2 in transmitting information despite being aware of such prohibition.

74. Penalties Any one who falls under any of the following subparagraphs shall be punished by a fine not exceeding KRW 10 million.

    • A person who displayed for the purpose of displaying and/or selling in violation of Clause 8.4.
    • A person who distributed, sold, lent and/or exhibited any obscene characters, words, sounds, images and/or videos in violation of Clause 44-7.1.1.
    • A person who repeatedly sent the counterpart any terrifying or unsettling characters, words, sounds, images and/or videos in violation of Clause 44-7.1.3.
    • A person who performed technical measures in violation of Clause 50.6.
    • A person who collected, sold, distributed and/or used to transmit information email addresses in violation of Clause 50-2.
    • A person who sent advertising information in violation of Clause 50-8.
    • A person who did not update registered information or declare the transfer or merger/inheritance of business in violation of Clause 53.4.

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