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  • Boost your ROAS, up to 330%

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  • Design a Bespoke Ad Experience

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The new wave of
digital marketing,
dynamic rewards

Our powerful machine learning allows accurate analysis so
you can reach the right consumers at the perfect moment and
reach Conversion rate 4 times higher than regular ones.

Buzzvil for Advertisers

Over 13,000 marketers have already succeeded in their campaigns using Buzzvil's rewarded ads platform.
From creating meaningful engagement to conversion and retention,
Buzzvil fulfills every marketer's needs at any stage of their customer journey.

  • Stand out and
    grab user’s attention.

    Capture customer's attention with
    rewarded ads and maximize conversion with
    Buzzvil's retargeting solution.
  • Securing traffic with
    high purchasing power

    Reach the right customers of
    the leading mobile apps across
    various industries around the world.
  • Get the best result out
    of your budget

    Buzzvil’s machine learning allows
    you to reach the right audience so
    you can reach ROAS 3.3 times higher.

Buzzvil for Publishers

With our light SDK, you can easily start monetizing with
our patented rewarded ads system, and our AI-based targeting solution
encourage better user engagement, allowing you to maximize ad revenue.

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  • Encourage continuous active ad interaction

    Craft the optimal mobile journey to encourage users to
    engage with the rewarded ads
  • Lock-in app users by giving out
    the right amount of rewards

    Users who have experienced rewarded ads account
    for an average retention rate of 70%
  • Find users who actively interact with ads

    Connect with users through Buzzvil’s AI-based
    targeting solutions
  • Targeting

    Optimize your marketing costs with
    our flexible targeting solution.
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  • Retargeting

    Maximize the conversion rate
    with our retargeting technology.
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  • Ad Inventory

    Provide optimal customer journey
    with our unique and relevant inventory.
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  • Ad Fraud Prevention

    Experience the reliable advertising
    platform backed by advanced technologies
    such as machine learning.
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  • Dynamic Rewards

    Experience the best way to
    accelerate the customer journey.
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Publishers are
growing with

More than 150 premium publishers monetizes
through Buzzvil’s dynamic rewarded ads.

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