AI-powered Ad Engine

BuzzAd's engine analyzes large-scale data with the highest level of precision and safety to deliver optimal advertising performance.

AI-powered Ad Engine

Intelligent Targeting

BuzzAd's targeting model identifies user patterns by comprehensively analyzing their type, behavior, and past interactions.

Performance Optimization

Buzzvil’s ad engine optimizes performance based on budget, campaign goals, and brand characteristics.


We ensure full anonymization of data processing while enhancing personal information protection.

Intelligent Targeting

In-depth analysis of user characteristics: Interest Map

BuzzAd uses 6 billion+ data points generated by 4 million users daily to train its targeting models, drawing Interest Maps for individual users with over 700 categories. Buzzvil’s AI algorithms apply to all stages of analysis and efficiency improvement, providing a more profound understanding of all user's characteristics for more sophisticated targeting.

Performance Optimization(1)

Tailored CTR prediction based on brand attributes

Buzzvil’s deep learning-based Prediction Model ensures optimal advertising performance by predicting CTR (Click-through Rate), CVR (Conversion Rate), and Conversion Value using the formula "CTR x CVR x Conversion Value" for each advertising campaign. It analyzes the heterogeneous user characteristics, sequential behavior logs, and reward features in real-time to predict the next action of each individual user. This model has been most effectively applied to purchase probability prediction models for commerce advertisers, maximizing ROAS(Return on Ad Spend) for retargeting campaigns.

Buzzvil's CTR prediction performance

Purchase prediction performance in Commerce

Commerce C

Commerce E

Commerce W

Performance Optimization(2)

Precision recommendations for user-preferred ads and worthy products

Prediction Model of Buzzvil works alongside ad creative and product recommendation models to improve click-through rate. We extract user-specific representative embeddings for contextual analysis, considering actions like clicks, adding items to cart, and purchases. Buzzvil’s Recommendation Model is applied to determine which campaigns to prioritize for exposure and which ads are most likely to lead to future engagement, applied across a variety of ad formats including Native, Interstitial, and Benefit Hub.


The most agile response to the era of privacy: Cohort Targeting

Buzzvil adapts to changes in the advertising ecosystem through proactive and evolved Cohort Targeting. With enhanced privacy policies and the end of cookie data, traditional targeting methods may no longer be effective. Cohort Targeting involves analyzing and comparing behavioral patterns of groups that share similar experiences over a specific period. Buzzvil's targeting model extracts user-ad interaction data to learn and cluster similar values for marketing use. By analyzing and integrating past behavioral history with current user context, Buzzvil achieves high advertising efficiency through the safest and most effective targeting methods.

Buzzvil’s core technology

Dynamic Rewards: The key to accelerating purchase journeys

Where Ad meets innovation, Buzzvil

Experience comprehensive brand growth with Buzzvil's three product lines, which cover advertising, marketing, and app monetization

  • Achieve marketer's KPI quickly 
with reward ads.


    High-Performing Reward Ads

    Achieve marketer's KPI quickly with reward ads.

  • Create ad inventories and 
generate a new revenue stream.


    Monetization for App Growth

    Create ad inventories and generate a new revenue stream.

  • Acquire and activate customers 
with CRM marketing solution


    Point-based CRM Marketing

    Acquire and activate customers with CRM marketing solution

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