Reward-based CRM Marketing Solution

Reward-based CRM 
Marketing Solution

Don't delay CRM marketing due to resource constraints on development any longer

Due to prioritizing feature development, we never had the resources to focus on marketing development.

Marketer of a travel app

Marketer of a travel app

To validate PMF, we need users, and securing initial users ultimately comes down to marketing battles.

PM of a commerce app

PM of a commerce app

I'm not sure how to plan a marketing event that encourages daily app visits like other apps.

CEO of a content start-up

CEO of a content start-up

Introducting BuzzBooster

In-app action campaigns to acquire users and encourage revisits

You no longer need to worry about the development effort required for app marketing. Once you install SDK, you can easily plan and operate various CRM marketing campaigns through a dashboard.

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Campaign Templates

Just follow the given templates for the essential campaigns.

BuzzBooster focused on alleviating the burdens of marketers. You can immediately start basic CRM marketing campaigns with recommended templates. Create various and unique campaigns for your brand.

  • Refer-a-friend Campaign
  • Daily Login
  • Marketing Opt-in Campaign
  • Mission Campaign
  • Custom Campaign
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Campaign Messaging

Use everything from push messages to banners, and let your campaign be known to all

The number of users who participate in event determines the success of your marketing. You can inform the users on any page or in any method so that they can feel comfortable participating in campaign.

    * Example event participation paths

  • Push messages outside the app
  • In-app push messages and pop-up banners
  • In-app floating action button (FAB)
  • Connect to the Benefits tab or my page
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Start your campaign for as long as you need at a reasonable price.

BuzzBooster is a SaaS solution operated on a monthly subscription basis. The pricing plan is based on the number of basic campaigns, and additional features can be purchased as plug-ins.

Special Features of BuzzBooster

Rewards, A secret key to winning users' hearts

Engaging users to sign up, purchase, and write reviews is very challenging. Buzzbooster generates user engagement by offering a variety of benefits. Start a new version of CRM marketing with BuzzBooster,

  • Create coupons and build a point system in your app

    Maximize the value of your existing benefits such as free shipping or discount coupon. Additionally, BuzzBooster allows you to create brand-exclusive coupons and points.

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  • Support for NaverPay points conversion for payment-free apps

    As users engage in campaigns, appropriate rewards must be provided. The point system provided by BuzzBooster allows users to convert their rewards into Naver Pay points.

    버즈부스터로 네이버페이 포인트 전환하기
  • Special rewards with badges and titles

    You can assign a special VVIP badge to heavy users and a unique titles for a few users. The secret of make a genuine fan begins with recognition.

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  • Custom rewards you wish to implement

    We focus on the benefits that users truly want. Share us the reward types you wish. We can provide you with tailored consulting and technical support.

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All-in-one platform

Marketing planning, operation, and performance analysis in a single dashboard

Motivating users to take action, such as signing up, making purchases, and writing reviews, can be challenging. However, BuzzBooster creates engagement by providing a diverse range of benefits.

  • STEP1. Enter the goals and information of the campaigns you wish to launch

  • STEP2. Preview the planned campaign and choose the method for promotion

  • STEP3. Review the main performance and the trend of rewards being provided.

Just a week to launch a campaign

With a simple installation of our SDK, you can freely launch in-app campaigns that encourage user actions through a reward system

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Success Stories

BuzzBooster grows together with start-ups.

Enhance app visits and earn revenue by linking ad inventories to your app's unique features and returning rewards to users.

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While other CRM tools emphasize personalized messaging, BuzzBooster focuses on campaign planning and operation centered around "rewards." As a result, it became clear that users found clear benefits to be the most attractive aspect of the campaigns.

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Kang Eun-joo

Marketing Manager of Farm Morning

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From creating the event page to development, and even during actual operation, gathering participants and providing rewards was a task that marketers couldn't handle alone. BuzzBooster had its own reward system in addition to the resources for campaign operation, making it easy to plan and operate campaigns without significant difficulties

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Kim Seung-bum

Product Manager of Heynana

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After implementing BuzzBooster, issues like data loss from manual work were resolved. Campaign operation and management became simpler, saving resources. In particular, the number of posts increased by 2,000% during the writing campaign, and there's nothing like rewards to encourage user participation

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Kim Han-eol

Product Manager of Butteryam

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