Fostering Financial Wisdom through Rewarding Habits

Add gaming elements and ad content to finance apps, like banks, insurance services, to boost user engagement. BuzzBenefit fosters better financial habits, encouraging users to stay in the app longer.

Fostering Financial Wisdom 
through Rewarding Habits
All major financial apps are in partnership with BuzzBenefit


Driving growth for financial apps, BuzzBenefit lead the path

Light-hearted fun for real money gain

Instant point accumulation through ad participation provides real value to users, encouraging them to stay longer in the app. BuzzBenefit's diverse ad content also helps to increase app engagement.

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Encourage ad participation by offering discounts and coupons through point usage.

Making your point more useful

Encourage point usage within financial apps by incentivizing ad participation. BuzzBenefit's consulting team can suggest various events to utilize accumulated points.

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Offer discounts on payments and apply preferential interest rates to provide various benefits to users.

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Boosting engagement with Finance-exclusive events

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Enhancing campaign participation

Diverse events are a key factor in keeping users engaged and coming back to the app. The space generated by BuzzBenefit can be utilized as event pages to further enhance user engagement. ・Promotion of in-house brand campaigns ・Promotion of BuzzBooster-based campaigns such as friend referrals

Driving instant point redemption

We provide a seamless UX that encourages users to move to the points mall. BuzzBenefit customizes certain pages to create various entry points, allowing users to redeem their earned points not only offline but also online through purchases.

Provide dedicated consulting

Start your app journey with expert guidance!

What Our Clients Say

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We had a dilemma in finding a revenue model for our popular lifestyle app with memo functions due to user backlash towards display ads and limitations with billing models. However, by offering points to users through Buzzvil, we were able to generate ad revenue and develop more features with the earnings.

성별 이미지

Kim Jae-min

MemoG App

따옴표 이미지

Buzzvil helped us introduce multiple ad spaces, resulting in up to six times higher ad revenue compared to the first month of launch. We now enhance the app's competitiveness by providing rewards to users with the earnings.

성별 이미지

Park Min-hee

Shinhan PLAY App

따옴표 이미지

SchoolTogether is an app that provides students with school life information. After discovering Buzzvil, we were able to increase user activity without compromising content, and inappropriate ads are automatically blocked.

성별 이미지

Lim Jin-soo

SchooTogether App

따옴표 이미지

After implementing Buzzvil's Benefit Hub feed, our revenue has consistently grown. We achieved an incredible 11-fold increase in sales last month compared to our launch. Additionally, our marketing campaign to increase MAU during the launch was highly effective.

성별 이미지

Song Ji-young

KB Card App

따옴표 이미지

When considering the adoption of Offerwall service, we were concerned that it might harm our brand due to design and other factors. However, Buzzvil provided us with optimized ad materials and designs for CJ ONE, resulting in benefits for both ad revenue and content for users.

성별 이미지

Jeong Ki-soo


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Success Stories

Boost app engagement and revenue at once

  • Expanding the power of points 
with a beloved membership


    Expanding the power of points with a beloved membership

  • Enabling point usage 
even in non-reward utility apps


    Enabling point usage even in non-reward utility apps