Retargeting Ads

Elevating Accuracy with the Value of Rewards

Elevating Accuracy 
with the Value of Rewards

Introducing Product

Advertisement performance booster, Retargeting Ads

Boost customer’s purchase desire

Improve conversion & ROAS with brand-aware retargeting

Personalized dynamic creative

Dynamic creatives boost performance through ML-driven user data analysis for optimal product exposure

Make customers to revisit

Featuring new products and brand campaigns to loyal customers can further enhance customer loyalty.

3 conditions to introduce retargeting campaign

An advertiser who owns an app
An advertiser who retains 100,000 or higher DAU
Advertisers who can provide all postback data

As a rewarded advertising platform, Buzzvil's retargeting capabilities are even more powerful

Enhanced data acquisition with the value of rewards

Rewards satisfy the human desire for compensation, gather data, and enhance advertising efficiency. Rewards in advertising incentivize user actions, identify engaged users, and collect data for future campaigns, creating a virtuous cycle of engagement and attention.

Al-powered ad engine

Buzzvil uses AI systems for optimal advertising performance. Our advanced ad engine collects high-volume data, conducts precise analysis, and offers in-depth user analysis, prediction, and recommendation for optimal performance while complying with privacy regulations.

Up to 4,800% increase in ROAS

Before making a purchase decision, users tend to engage in intricate behavior patterns like searching for similar products and comparing prices. Leveraging the user data to a greater extent can significantly enhance the advertising performance of Buzzvil.

ROAS 4,800%

Commerce brand C

ROAS 4,200%

eCommerce Brand W

ROAS 1,200%

eCommerce Brand S

버즈빌 리타겟팅 광고

Buzzvil's Unique Competitive Edge

Integrating technology into advertising

AI-powered Ad Enigne

Buzzvil's AI-powered advertising engine optimizes performance while ensuring data security. Our high-efficiency advertising is based on dense data collection, precise analysis, and stable operation within the advertising ecosystem.

Dynamic Reward

Dynamic reward offers varying rewards to customers based on purchasing journey or behavior. By offering lighter rewards for increasing brand awareness tasks and richer rewards for more challenging missions, advertising efficiency for the same brand can be further enhanced.

Performance Maximizer

Buzzvil’s Performance Maximizer optimizes campaign performance by learning data relevant to goals like user acquisition and purchases. It identifies high-value user rankings likely to achieve advertisers’ KPIs and allocates ads accordingly to maximize KPI metrics.

Customized consulting by ad experts

Provide a dedicated manager

We offer special consulting by with a dedicated manager to each advertiser.

Details in every step

Unlike other self-serving media, Buzzvil takes care of everything for advertiser.

24/7 real-time monitoring

Campaign management team monitors ad campaigns 24/7 and analyze their performance.

Successful brands are already with Buzzvil

Cumulative Users

70 million +

Advertiser’s Retention Rate


Average MAU

20 million+

Mobile advertising sales following Google and Kakao *

3rd place

13,000+ cumulative advertisers of Buzzvil

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