Dynamic Reward

Our patented Dynamic Reward system provides differentiated rewards based on user behavior, accelerating individual user's purchase journey.

Dynamic Reward

Introducing a truly exceptional reward system, crafted exclusively by Buzzvil

'Dynamic Reward' refers to a dynamically distributed reward system that considers the characteristics of users and advertising campaigns. It automatically determines and presents differentiated rewards to users who are likely to make a purchase or who have a longer purchasing journey.


Analysis of customer types

20’s male

Non-app user

Purchaser of similar product

High-converting customer



Determination at ad impression

Clicking on an ad

Spending time on a website

Signing up for membership

Making a service reservation



Setting up reward types







Timing of distribution

Based on the elapsed time


Based on point history

Based on purchase journey stage


Core Technology(1)

Loyalty Prediction

Buzzvil provides differentiated rewards through its Prediction Model, which analyzes user loyalty. It considers factors such as a user's history of engaging with ads and current behavior to determine how much of a reward they are likely to respond to. For example, for a campaign, a customer with a high affinity for a brand and high response rates to rewards may be given 100 points, while a customer who is hesitant to make a purchase may be given 1000 points automatically. This allows for the creation of a personalized reward journey.

Core Technology(2)

Budget Optimization

The performance optimization technology is being effectively utilized in budget allocation for dynamic reward systems. With a set budget for advertisers and clear marketing goals to achieve, Buzzvil prioritizes managing the advertiser's objectives. Utilizing the second key technology of the dynamic reward system, budget optimization, Buzzvil provides optimal performance by taking into consideration the characteristics of the advertising brand, campaign duration, and seasonal issues.

Encouraging User Actions through Tiered Rewards


Multi-Reward is a system that uses a series of ads to encourage conversion by learning individual user ad engagement behavior. For example, in a cosmetic brand's product purchase ad campaign, a user earns 1 point when they visit the page, and when the user encounters the reward ad again, they are encouraged to add the product to their cart with a 10-point reward. Once the user completes this step, they are exposed to a message like "Get 1,000 points when you pay." This helps achieve the final conversion goal.

Preventing cherry-picking and blocking fraudulent ads

Fraud Detection

Dynamic Rewards are especially useful in addressing issues with fraudulent or cherry-picking users. Some users may focus more on the rewards than the content of the ad if they receive the same amount of rewards every time they participate. However, Buzzvil's patented Dynamic Rewards system prevents this issue from occurring. By automatically filtering out users who are likely to cherry-pick or engage in fraudulent behavior, Buzzvil ensures that rewards are not wasted on these users.

Buzzvil’s core technology

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