Help Center for Advertisers

Buzzvil's rewarded ad system helps you to raise brand awareness and drive sales effectively.
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How to get started

  • Plan your
    ad campaign

    Select ad products, inventory, time,
    budget, targeting options, etc.

  • Make your
    ad creatives
    and connect

    * Send us your ad creative
    * Connect your app to our ad platform.

    This only concerns CPA and CPE ads

  • Run your
    ad campaign
    and monitor
    the results

    * We will help you set up your ads and keep them running
    * You will be given account information so you get monitor the ad campaigns

  • Payment

    Sign the ad request sheet and make a payment

Guide for making ad creatives * Send us your ad creatives at least two days before your campaign starts.

Simple checklist for your ad creative

Guide for advertisers in specific industry such as medicine

Checklist for what not to do

Other inquiries

Guide to connect your app with Buzzvil

CPA You need to connect your app with Buzzvil to run ad campaigns that require your customers to carry out a specific action regarding your app. (App install, sign up and more)
Integration needs to be completed seven days before the your ad campaigns starts. Also, send the link of the landing page you want your customers to see.

Guide on how to design your ad creative.
Other inquiries

Ad campaigns and operation

How to write a ad request sheet and make a payment

Ads not delivering

Media characteristics

Other inquiries (relevant to 3rd party tools, etc.)

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