Unleash Revenue Growth with a Single Solution

Unleash Revenue Growth 
with a Single Solution

Introducing BuzzAd

How can we monetize our app?

Monetize your app with ad inventory. With Buzzvill, you can display millions of ads within your app and earn ad revenue.

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BuzzAd costs you nothing!

Start with no pressure and earn ad revenue.

Only choose the inventory you need!

Our modular solution allows for selective adoption of various ad inventories.

Support for various integration methods

In addition to the SDK, we also support native web/app APIs.

Let Buzzvil handle your ad operations

As an ad mediator, Buzzvil supplies ads to the inventory on your behalf.

Just an offerwall is not enough

We design unique ad spaces with consideration for user flow

Whether your app has a point system or not, it doesn't matter. We design ad spaces tailored to each app that can improve user experience.

For apps "with" a point system?

Advertise anytime, anywhere with our diverse ad inventory tailored to your app.

For apps “without” a point system?

From earning to utilizing rewards, BuzzAd provides an all-in-one solution.

Boost engagement with frequency and longevity

Buzzvil's core ad inventory, One-of-a-kind offerwall unlike any other


AdHub is an ad collection page that considers optimized exposure with a natural UX/UI and creative material.

Example of Kakao pay

Earn points easily through a variety of ad formats

Earn points through a variety of ads, ranging from easy click-based ads for 1 point to SNS subscription ads for 100 points, and action-based ads for over 1000 points, ensuring an enjoyable experience for users to accumulate points.

Thorough ad inspection for clean and brand-safe ads

Uncontrolled ads can damage the brand image. Buzzvil provides a thorough inspection for all ads to prevent this, and can also selectively expose certain categories based on the customer's characteristics.

Integrate ads into any page in your app, for a seamless user experience


Improved ad visibility and participation rates through customized ads designed to match your app's screen aspect ratio

Example of CJ ONE


Boost engagement with pop-up ads at session start or end, encouraging users to stay longer

Example of Happy Point

An additional entry point in the form of an easy-to-access ad or app feature

Lock Screen

Transforming mobile lock screens into ad spaces to increase ad visibility and app engagement on a wider screen

Pop / In-app-pop

A circular button located at the top of mobile home or main screen within the app, providing a shortcut to AdHub regardless of the user's location

Push Message

Encourage users to visit the app immediately with benefit notification push messages about available points

Optional products with additional fun factors


Smart synergy between points and lottery


Maximizing ad participation fun through gamification

Depending on the operating system (Android/iOS), the availability of ad inventories may vary.

Effects of BuzzAd

The more efficiently we use our ad space, the more effective the results will be

Finance App A


KRW 1,780

AdHub visits per user

4.7 daily

Ad engagement per user

11.9 daily

Ad re-engagement rate


Operation of BuzzAd

End-to-end operation services for seamless performance optimization and customer support

Tailored analysis for better performance

Real-time analysis of sales, user activity, and ad frequency through a dashboard, providing tailored report

24/7 dedicated customer support

All customer support including inquiries are handled by Buzzvil's operation team with a resolution rate of just 0.002%.

Anomaly detection system

Anomaly detection system detects and resolves potential errors promptly in key metrics.

Ad exposure on 330+ premium channels.

With Buzzvil, you can run your ads across more than 330 premium apps, including those related to points, finance, and lifestyle.

Unique competitive edge of Buzzvil

The largest ad quantity

The most sought-after mobile advertising platform after Google and Kakao*

*Based on 2022 ResearchAd Aggregation

Diverse ad products with tiered points

From easy-to-use display ads to specialized products, we offer a wide range of advertising solutions

Over 90% of in-house ads available

Guarantee uninterrupted access to diverse, exclusive Buzzvil ads for users