Don’t lose touch with your consumers throughout
their path to purchase
with unique ad inventories
and machine learning technology

Experience is what
matters in the end Craft
optimal ad experiences
that feel relevant

Repetitive ads on the same ad surfaces that do not account for users’ interest will be ignored. Buzzvil's machine learning technologies and premium ad inventories, such as chat heads, interstitial, in-app native, lockscreen, and banners, allows marketers to stay on top of every mobile journey and reach the right consumers when they will most likely make a purchase.

Bring your customers
back to your website

and app with dynamic ads

Experience is what matters at the end. Users who have shown interest are more likely to buy from you. Buzzvil's patented dynamic reward ads encourage users to revisit your website or app and purchase your products. It analyzes consumers’ shopping patterns and interests to provide personalized ads. Consumers will be given the right amount of rewards based on what stage they are in on a shopping journey.

Don’t let your ads run without an impact. Connect with the right users and successfully drive conversions.

Understand consumer’s
needs and optimize marketing
performance with our
powerful machine learning

Our rewarded ads platform segment consumers and lookalike audiences based on their gender, location, mobile device, carrier, product interest, shopping patterns and installed apps to deliver high match rates. It also tracks customers how have engaged with your brand. Leverage Buzzvil’s machine learning to analyze customer’s history and shopping patterns and identity the right audience for your personalized ad campaigns.

Buzzvil's dynamic reward advertising system rewards consumers with the right amount and recommends personalized products with its accurate data analysis power.

Our technologies
that help your brand grow

  • Dynamic Rewards

    Experience the best way to
    accelerate the customer journey.

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  • Ad Fraud Prevention

    Experience the reliable advertising
    platform backed by advanced technologies
    such as machine learning.

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  • Ad Inventory

    Provide optimal customer journey
    with our unique and relevant inventory.

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  • Targeting

    Optimize your marketing costs
    with our flexible targeting solution.

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