Reach your most valuable customers with
Buzzvil’s powerful DMP-based data analysis
and dynamic rewarding ad system

Secure customer
insight with data analysis

Every day 200 million customer data enter Buzzvil’s ad platform and we use it to analyze user’s shopping patterns and interest. The collected data is systematically classified and analyzed in Buzzvil's Data Management Platform (DMP), and based on the analyzed data, various targeting options are available for marketers to be flexible.

That’s not all. You can show rewarded ads on various inventories so you can keep relevant consumers interested in your product throughout their path to conversion. Our tailored ads will reach the right customers at the right time and place to maximize ad efficiency.

Reach consumers that
matter when they will
most likely respond
to your message

We segment consumers and lookalike audiences based on their gender, location, mobile device, carrier, product interest, shopping patterns and installed apps to deliver high match rates. Our powerful machine learning matches relevant ads with the right consumers based on their history.

Buzzvil's dynamic reward advertising system rewards consumers with the right amount and recommends personalized products with its accurate data analysis power.

Deliver new customers
conversions with
dynamic reward ads

Discover new customers effectively in a digital space where numerous ads exist. Buzzvil’s study show that the patented dynamic rewarded ad delivers a click rate (CTR) 10 times higher than regular ones. Our ads rewards users based on their shopping patterns and interest, providing the best shopping experience that maximizes conversion.

Our technologies
that help your brand grow

  • Dynamic Rewards

    Experience the best way to
    accelerate the customer journey.

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  • Ad Fraud Prevention

    Experience the reliable advertising
    platform backed by advanced technologies
    such as machine learning.

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  • Ad Inventory

    Provide optimal customer journey
    with our unique and relevant inventory.

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  • Retargeting

    Maximize the conversion rate
    with our retargeting technology.

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