Dynamic Rewards

Dynamic rewards trigger purchase and
help business to achieve optimal advertising performance

Accelerate purchase journey
and drive conversions.

Even if potential consumers belong to the similar age, gender, interest, and tendency category, they will respond differently to the ads, which make marketers hard to achive KPI.

Dynamic rewarded ads does not mean just rewarding them for participating in ads. Buzzvil's dynamic rewarded ads help lower the barriers to the next step of each consumer’s purchase journey; from the seeing the ads and to the making purchases. Moreover, customized rewards are placed based on the Ad Funnel of each ad type which accelerate the purchase journey by integrating data of an estimated conversion rate and reward logic.

Design dynamic rewards
for your consumer’s purchase journey.

  • To whom

    customer type.

    Men in 20s
    Who didn’t install apps
    Similar product buyers
    With high conversion potentials.
  • When

    Decide when your
    ad will be exposed.

    Click on the ad
    Stay on the site
    Register for membership
    Make a reservation.
  • By what

    Set the
    reward type.

    Game items.
  • How

    Decide when
    to reward.

    After certain lifetime period
    Right after participating in ads
    Based on the ad participation rate
    On each step of purchase journey.
  • Dynamic Rewards for Advertisers

    “I will definitely recommend the product I see in the rewarded ad to my friends if they are interested in the product”

    According to the "2020 Buzzvil Rewarded Ads Satisfaction Survey", 79% of 12,000 respondents answered as above
  • Dynamic Rewards for Publishers

    “I visit apps more often and stay longer to participate more in the rewarded ads!”

    According to the "2020 Buzzvil Rewarded Ads Satisfaction Survey", 53% of 12,000 respondents answered as above

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