Ad Fraud Prevention

We fight ad fraud to bring you the best performance with machine learning technology

Reach valuable customers,
Keep fraudulent users away

Buzzvil's machine learning technology collects and processes 200 million customer data every day. Our patent-based data processing techniques analyze the user's behavior patterns closely to separate valuable customers from bad traffic. Our deep learning algorithm becomes smarter and smarter by learning the actions of fraudulent users so you can engage with customers that really matter.

Block invalid traffic
with premium publishers and real-time monitoring

Buzzvil is working with premium publishers such as SKT, LGU +, KT, CJ Olive Networks, Lotte Members, SPC, and Kakao, so we can bring you verified customer base. Also, we monitor and block risk factors such as invalid traffic from data centers or bots, to create an optimal digital environment where advertisers can efficiently deliver brand messages.

Ad Fraud We can detect,
fight and prevent it

Buzzvil is in compliance with advertising standards (app-ads.txt) to blocks fraudulent traffic and analyzes in-app behavior, advertising identifiers (IFA) and uses machine learning so publishers and advertisers are safe from fraudulent advertising and users. We also have a blacklist so your brand is safe from any kind of suspicious activities.

Our technologies that help your brand grow

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