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Based on behavioral data from more than 100 affiliates' app users, Buzzvil experts design and propose the optimal ad inventories and revenue models that are relevant to your app and business categories. Our ad inventories are designed to provide hassle-free ad experiences.

  • Native
  • Interstitial
  • Offerwall
  • Chat Head (POP)
  • Lock screen
  • Native(Inside the app)

    Native ads displays various kinds of reward ads without harming the app's UI and user experience.

    You can maximize ad revenue by providing users with a rewarded ad experience, and encouraging them to actively respond to your brand.
  • Interstitial(Inside the app)

    This inventory’s UI is designed based on the behavior data of over 100 affiliate app users, so you can add reward ads at the most appropriate UX flow and display it anywhere in the app.

    Compared to other inventory, the wide advertising surface really grab your consumer’s attention. It delivers visually strong ads so you engage effectively with your users.
  • Offerwall(Inside the app)

    Offerwalls act as an in-app store linked to more than 100 ad networks where users can participate in various offers, such as gameplay, surveys and app installs, in exchange for in-app rewards.

    You can encourage active consumer responds by delivering customized rewarded ads and keep them coming back for more.

    *Only available in the Korean market
  • Chat Head (POP)(Outside the app)

    This ad inventory keeps consumers engaged by notifying users with personalized offers, content and various utilities.

    It stays above all mobile apps to effectively grab attention, but designed to be less intrusive for the user. It is also simple to opt-in and can lead to steady user engagement.
  • Lock screen(Outside the app)

    This ad inventory displays personalized reward ads on the lockscreen.

    You can grab the first impression on the mobile. Users see their lockscreen more than 60 times a day allowing you to increase user engagement and generate maximum ad revenue.
Advertising inventory for advertisers

Maximize conversion
rate through creative ad

Buzzvil’s unique ad inventories blend in naturally with the publisher’s app and display rewarded ads in the most attractive way to encourage user engagement. Keep in touch with your consumer’s mobile journey to purchase.

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